The new cycle of strategic planning of regional development (2021–2027) included a new compulsory component: defining priorities in the regional development based on Smart specialisation concept.


Smart Specialisation (or «S3» від англ. Smart Specialisation Strategy) is a concept and policy of European Committee aimed at supporting innovative development of the regions and countries in order to enhance their capacity in the course of  implementation of the economic strategy of the European Union  "Strategy 2020: Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive grow" (EUROPE 2020. A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive grow)

The main goal of these policies is to concentrate efforts and resources in order to maintain limited economic activities of the regions to secure their competitiveness on the global markets. To support these  innovative processes and establish a strategic partnership between various participants and countries, the  European platform for smart specialisation was established (S3 Platform).


The information on methodical recommendations to identify smart specialization of the regions is available on the website of Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, link and  on the website of the Ukrainian Institute for  International Politics (UIIP), link. The consistent stages to implement Smart Specialisation Strategy in Ukraine and all official documents with respect to this process is available on the Project website "Development of innovative infrastructure and  improvement of innovation policy of regions in Ukraine based on "smart specialisation", link.


Enhance capacity of the actors of regional policy with respect to concept of smart specialisation and its practical application is a key factor to secure economic growth of new  competitive  economic activities of the country. In particular, as indicated in the National Economic Strategy of Ukraine until  2030, the development of the regions takes place on the basis of smart specialisation  specified in  the tasks of Strategic vectors for industrial development (vector 10) and  regional development (vector 16).


List of goals and tasks of the National Economic Strategy until 2030 aimed at development of the regions on the basis of smart specialisation 

Strategic goals and mechanisms of their achievement

Tasks (extracts)

Strategic goal 4 (vector 10) "Creating  new productive capacities through stimulation  of enterprises’ innovative activities in all regions of the country using  competitive advantages of each of them"


para. 4. Promoting regional development

-        ensuring the use and implementation of  smart specialisation approach of each region in accordance with EU methodology;

-        creation of pilot projects to encourage mutual support of the regions;

-        creating preconditions for competition between local communities to attract investors;

-        Ukraine’s joining to the European Smart Specialisation Platform (S3 Platform)

Strategic goal 1 (vector 16)

"Ensuring effective regional development planning"


cl. 4. Completion of agreements on smart specialisations

-      completion of the process of  choosing smart specialisation   vectors as compulsory components of strategic planning of regional development;

-      inclusion of  the vector of support for the development of regional smart specialisation in the adopted Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union;

-      settlement of the issue of state financial support for regional development projects which provide for the development of priority economic activities identified on the basis of smart specialisation

Strategic goal 3 (vector 16) "Ensuring effective funding for the regional development"


cl. 3. Ensuring effective functioning  of the State Fund for Regional Development and State Investments

-       creation of organizational and legal preconditions for financing projects from the State Fund for Regional Development that have a positive economic effect, in particular based on the development of priority economic activities identified on the basis of smart specialisation

 (indicator specified: the use  not less than 30% SFRD or any other funds for regional development  for implementation of development projects)

As it was specified in the Sustainable Vinnytsia Regional Development Strategy for 2021–2027, Vinnytsia region  has a high potential for economic transformation based on smart specialization in the development of health and medical tourism and the introduction of agricultural technologies using IT innovations.