Agricultural products have become  key commodities of the Ukrainian export, however, raw products prevail in its structure. In order to retain competitive positions on the global markets, it is important to introduce high-yielding and high-tech activities based on the concept of a new technology  paradigm Industry 4.0.


Enhancing the level of technological effectiveness and digital transformation of agrarian sector have been defined as priority vectors by the  National Economic Strategy until 2030 (Vector 18. Digital economy; Vector 9. Agriculture industrial sector  and food industry).


In July 2021 in order to accelerate the processes of integrated digitalization and automation of production processes in the real sector of the economy, the Government approved  Regulations on the implementation of  technological approach "Industry 4.0", which identifies basic principles  and work of related/innovative infrastructure. Thus, in Poltava region on the basis of Poltava State Agrarian University,  the establishment of Centre 4.0 of agriculture industry has began.


List of goals and tasks of the National Economic Strategy until 2030 aimed at enhancement of the  technological effectiveness of agrarian sector of Ukraine

Strategic goals and mechanisms of their achievement

Tasks (extracts)

Strategic goal 3. (Vector 9)

"Creating conditions for manufacturers  to provide them with technical and logistical resources"


cl. 2. Enhancement of the technological effectiveness of agrarian sector

-        development of programmes and tools to introduce technologies into  agrarian sector, with the state support focusing on domestic manufacturers;

-        development of software for cooperatives  (interaction between the participants, standardization of processes, accounting and planning, training, use of knowledge base);

-        creation of a network of meteorological stations having good coverage and  suitable for modelling data accuracy with the help of  the existing meteorological stations from private sector;

-        creation of development programmes  and attraction of  companies to launch scientific research centres;

-        introduction of Blockchain, chain of transactions including smart contacts on trading platforms, forward and futures contracts to read capitals, tokenization of products;

-        development of algorithms Computer Vision (technology of creation of  machines that can detect, trace and  identify objects), neural network training, creation of training datasets;

-        ensure a development of cloning, microbiological  laboratories and biotechnologies to provide internal selection of seeds and  fertilizer materials.

Strategic goal 2. (Vector 18)

"Transformation of  resource economic sectors into high-yielding, intellectual and  competitive ones"


cl. 1. Infrastructure improvements and regulation of Industry 4.0

-        ensure an implementation  of the state and regional development strategies Industry 4.0;

-        setting up of technology transfer from Ukrainian scientific institutions, scientific parks, laboratories R&D and from international centres and corporations to the  end customers;

-        setting up of the most effective structural elements of ecosystem Industry 4.0 – centres for expertize, laboratories R&D, scientific parks, incubators and accelerators for start-ups;

-        setting up of technology centres of common use which provide access to the following technologies: broadband Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, etc.  for small and medium businesses which cannot invest into expensive  infrastructure of such technologies;

-        ensure a development of the Fund for Innovation in Development;

-        introduction of the programmes for support of small- and medium businesses aimed at staff training, mastering and introduction of technologies Industry 4.0, programmes for support of export and integration of Ukrainian developers into the global chains of added value, in particular,  establishment of  a trade mission Industry 4.0;

-        giving priority via export office to the companies using technologies Industry 4.0;

-        work on a draft law on granting tax benefits for companies adopting  high-tech solutions to make  production process more environmentally efficient.

The agro-industrial sector is the leading sector of the economy of Vinnytsia region. Vinnytsia region is one of the leaders in the agricultural sector of the country in terms of agricultural production. Vinnytsia region has already formed a strong sector of enterprises in the field of production and processing of agricultural products which have a sufficient level of financial and institutional capacity to implement investment projects, train specialists abroad, attract international credit companies to develop business and enter international markets.

As well, IT-industry is being actively developed in Vinnytsia region: there have been established the Vinnytsia Innovation and Technology Park "Crystal" and  the First IT-Park in the Central Ukraine on the basis of the former factory "Vinnychanka" aimed at forming a powerful centre of  the development of technologies and  bringing together  the offices of  ІТ-companies, schools and freelancers, coworkings, related commerce to meet the needs of the employees of the complex.

On the basis of the Vinnytsia National Technical University  Startup School - Sikorsky Challenge has been set up, and the most powerful representatives of the regional  IT-sector have formed the  IT-Association (18 biggest companies of Vinnytsia region) that consolidates  interests of the industry at the regional and national levels. Vinnytsia ranks 6th in the region cities in the category "Development of ІТ-communities" according to the rating of cities DOU[1]. Vinnytsia region ranks 7th in the regions of Ukraine in terms of population distribution and number of offices of  ІТ-companies[2].

The first complex study IT-VN Research`21 on  the development of  ІТ-industry in Vinnytsia region and its influence on the regional economy and  infrastructure  will have been completed by the end of 2021 by  ІТ-Association, its outcome will be available on the site in the section Library.


In addition, in the academic year 2022/2023 it is planned to launch a training programme "Technological Future of Vinnytsia region" aimed at training of schoolchildren of the region including robotics basics, programming and innovation entrepreneurship. This project is implemented  in cooperation with Ministry of Regional Development, Vinnytsia RSA, ІТ-Association and Vinnytsia Regional Technical Creativity Centre for Pupils and Students (RTCCPS) in order to improve the rate of young specialists  in Vinnytsia.


By combining efforts, opportunities and talents of the regional leaders, Vinnytsia region is able to develop and introduce IT-solutions for agricultural sector in accordance with the principles of technological approach Industry 4.0.

The institution "Vinnytsia Regional Development Agency",   while expressing understanding of this vector’s priority  and its strategic influence on  various spheres of economic and social life, provides its support to enhance interaction and  coordination of the activities  of all participants of this industry aimed at accelerating development, developing the capacity of  this vector in the region.

Please, send your proposals on cooperation within the framework of this vector to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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